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Take A Breather In My City


A declining share of the lucrative foundation category – worth around 35 per cent
of total colour cosmetics – left Rimmel at fourth in the market.


In a category with both strong brand loyalty and robust profitability opportunities,
based on a high price point, it was imperative to grow Rimmel’s share and close
the gap on the foundation market’s top-performing company, Maybelline.


Recruiting new users was the obvious answer, with the aim being to build strong
brand loyalty with Gen Z.



After asking the question ‘what to Gen Zs believe?’ Four research pillars were

Values: showed the majority of Gen Zs want to be involved in noble causes that
change the world for the better, and that they like spending their free time doing
something creative rather than just ‘hanging out’.


Products: gave an insight into a generation of people happy to try a product,
however to actually find that product ‘cool’, their friends need to talk about it, its
ads need to be seen in the right context, and it needs to cater to them personally.


Passion: this is a generation that love attending live events, but also access both
Instagram and Snapchat several times a day.


Identity: the majority of Gen Zs have multiple online identities, and aspire to make
a career out of a hobby they enjoy.



Given two-thirds of the top 200 videos on YouTube are produced by creators,
rather than brands, the importance of influencers was clear.


With a target audience who prioritise authenticity and personalisation, the strategy
was to harness the power of local social influencers to bring Rimmel foundation to
life in the context of Gen Z users’ daily lives.



Six high-profile social influencers, each in different cities around Australia, were
selected to road test Rimmel’s new Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation,
demonstrating the long lasting and air-light product in their daily lives.

Called “Take a breather in my city”, this localised content had the six creators
spend a day showing us their favourite under-the-radar, in-the-know city hotspots.

This bespoke digital and social content was a great way to connect with Gen Z, who are
hyper-connected digital natives.

However, with out of home and free-to-air TV still able to reach the majority of the
audience, traditional media was also utilised to drive mass awareness.



The campaign recorded over 988,000 engagements with the influencers, with
more than 430,000 video views.


Financially, these engagements cost just eight cents apiece – a massive 93 per cent
lower than the accepted benchmark.


Perhaps most importantly, during the campaign period, the new Rimmel Lasting
Finish Breathable foundation sold 28% more units in pharmacies than the
comparable Maybelline product.



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