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Inspiring a New Audience


With sales in decline, in part due to a lack of interest in department stores as a
whole, Gucci had lost its reputation as the top desirable luxury fragrance brand.


To re-establish Gucci as number one in this category, the brand needed to be
reinvigorated by recruiting new consumers – the millennial elite – aided by the
launch of Bloom.



Fragrances were once the domain of the department store, but research showed
87 per cent of modern women aged 25 to 40 do not enjoy the overall experience
of shopping at these retail establishments.


However, these same women are willing to try new and different products, and
more than happy to pay a higher price in the pursuit of quality.



Gucci needed to establish a credible and aspirational voice in communities that
influence the target audience, so as to become associated with ‘what’s on trend’.


Thus, engaging experiences were needed to elevate the brand and drive a deeper
connection to Gucci Bloom.


Communicating with this audience in an intelligent fashion was also important,
delivering captivating experiences outside of the retail environment.



Mass awareness was driven in high-traffic areas, such as television and out of
home, as well as in premium magazines – including page-scenting inserts in Vogue.

Digital was put to use as well, with brand videos on YouTube and pre-promotional
Instagram posts.

Experiences such as pop-up stores were also an essential part of communicating
to the target audience that Gucci Bloom is a fabulous form of personal expression,
while simultaneously creating an easy path to purchase.



The reach was enormous, with over 1.5 million for out of home, and total impressions numbering more than 23 million.


Search results soared as well, ‘Gucci Bloom’ outranking ‘Chanel Gabrielle’ in top search queries for the month of September, seeing a 16 per cent uplift in brand awareness and 36 per cent in ad recall.


Most importantly, having targeted being in the top 15 in department store brand rankings, with 1.7 per cent market share, Gucci was up to number 10, with a total share of 2.3 per cent.



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