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Let Data Write The Script


Having been brought into the Coty stable, the parent company wanted to ensure
Clairol’s iconic Nice ’n Easy brand continued to grow without cannibalising the
company’s other products.


While HYLAND was briefed on a TV-focussed campaign, utilising data to unlock
invaluable insights led to a firm conclusion: TV wasn’t the solution.



The ‘wall of faces’ found in most stores when shopping for hair dye is a daunting prospect for any
consumer, so to avoid being lost in the crowd, Nice ’n Easy should be a woman’s brand of choice
before she even reaches the shelf.

Research revealed Clairol’s customers tended to be savvy mums, who have less
disposable income but still want to look good, so rely on a reputable brand when
dying their hair.


It was also apparent that while these women believe home hair colour is the
solution to grey hairs, they also fear the unknown, lacking the confidence to do it
on their own, but also feeling too embarrassed to ask a friend for advice.



Having reached out to Google, HYLAND discovered that there are 20 million
searches a year conducted around hair colour, which can be divided into five
‘buckets’: hair colour, trends and styles, concealment, how-to, and roots/touch ups.


With 82 per cent of consumers heading online as their first port of call when
they’re after information on hair care, 43 per cent of consumers using a video site
to aid their research, and over 60 per cent of this demographic being heavy or
medium internet users – a figure 20 per cent higher than TV consumers – the data
made it clear how and where to focus our energies.


Through our integrated solution framework we were able to develop the right
strategy and execution through key data insights.



The approach was to create an easy path of discovery in a woman’s moment of need through
channels that pull her in, including inspirational videos of what’s possible with Nice’n Easy at
home, generating authentic testimonials via micro influencers, and providing product
assistance at point of purchase through a mobile app.



The results were as impressive as they were immediate.


In just three weeks, there were more than 285,000 video views and 44,000 search
impressions, some 1200 app installations, while the YouTube discovery ads delivered 72 per
cent of the planned views at a cost of just ten per cent of the budget!


This translated to launch week being the fourth highest sales-week in terms of units sold – a
massive 48 per cent increase on the previous week’s sales – in what was a low sales period.



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